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Camera Registry

The Ridgefield Park Police Department is requesting members of the community to join us in combating crime and assisting us with potential investigations. Residents and business owners of the Village now have the ability to be a part of the Ridgefield Park Police Department’s Camera Registry Program. This new crime prevention and investigative tool allows the Ridgefield Park Police Department to work with public to collect potential video evidence and/or pertinent information to assist with an investigation. In the past village resident’s and business’s video surveillance systems have assisted the Ridgefield Park Police Department in numerous investigations including but not limited to Robberies, Missing Persons, Burglaries and Hit and Run motor vehicle accidents.

If you register your video surveillance system it will be entered into a database maintained solely by the Ridgefield Park Police Department. This will allow us to quickly identify video cameras in an area where an incident occurs.

After registering your camera, you would only be contacted by the Ridgefield Park Police Department if there is a criminal incident or investigation being conducted in the vicinity of your security system. Police personnel may then request to view your footage in order to assist in the investigation. It is important to know that the Ridgefield Park Police Department will NOT have direct access to your surveillance systems, but would simply request your help with any video if needed. All information in regards to your surveillance system provided to the Ridgefield Park Police Department is kept confidential.

We greatly appreciate the support and cooperation provided by our residents and business owners. If you wish to register your video surveillance systems please complete the form below.

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact Det. Sgt. Tress at 201-641-6400 Ext. 144 or at [email protected].