Traffic Bureau

Traffic and pedestrian safety is the paramount concern for the Traffic Bureau of the Ridgefield Park Police Department. We are continually working to improve safety and address the increasing volume of vehicular and pedestrian traffic in our community. The Traffic Bureau is also committed to residents’ concerns of traffic and parking violations on their streets by taking proactive and corrective measures to solve problems promptly.

The Traffic Bureau supervisor, Sergeant  Al Locarno acts as a liaison to the US/NJ Highway Traffic Safety Administrations, AAA, NJ Department of Transportation, NJ State Police, NJ Motor Vehicle Commission, and is currently a Region Representative for the Bergen County Traffic Officers’ Association.  Patrolman Locarno also works closely with the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office and its Fatal Accident Investigation Unit to investigate serious motor vehicle crashes if the need arises.

Responsibilities of the Traffic Bureau include the overseeing of all crossing guards, police vehicles, street signs, parking meters, parking permits, handicap parking, crosswalks, traffic details, road work, towing ordinance, traffic statistics and the review of all accident reports. The bureau also assists with the 4th of July Parade, the Rag-A-Muffin Parade, Veterans Day & Pearl Harbor Day, Little League Opening Day Parade, and the annual Christmas Tree Lighting. Other efforts include DWI roadblocks, motor vehicle inspection and pedestrian safety checkpoints, and participation in NJDHTS’s “Click It or Ticket” and “Over the Limit, Under Arrest”, as well as training and educating officers in an ever advancing environment of traffic enforcement.

The following links provide information that is relevant to residents about traffic issues, legislation and safety. (Bergen County Police Traffic Officers Association) (NJ Police Traffic Officers Association) (NJ Division of Highway Safety) (National Highway Traffic Safety Association)