RPPD Cop Cards





The Ridgefield Park Police Department is happy to announce the return of the police trading card program also known as “COP CARDS”, along with an accompanying contest. The Ridgefield Park Police Department first held the program in 2005. Due to many changes within the department since 2005, Chief Rose and the Community Policing Unit have decided to run this program so the residents and children of the Village get to know the police officers serving our community.

The department has a total of 39 different trading cards which include Ridgefield Park Police officers, civilian police personnel and two mystery cards. All department members are being issued 250 cards, which they will have with them while on duty. Each card has a photograph of the officer on the front along with a biography on the back. The primary goal of this program is to provide children a chance to get to meet the police officers within the community and to show that the officers are approachable and there to help them when needed.

Ridgefield Park children between the grades K-6 are invited to participate in our trading card contest. The goal of this contest is to collect one of every card. Each card will have a number, so participants will know which ones are needed to complete their collection. We understand that it may take some time to collect each card, particularly since our patrol officers work rotating shifts, may be off duty, or in training. It is important that children only approach officers when they are not actively involved in a police call including a motor vehicle stop, motor vehicle accident, interviewing witnesses, or directing traffic. Children are encouraged to wave down officers to obtain a trading card and are even welcome to stop into police headquarters located at 234 Main Street. Please use the Park Street entrance to Police headquarters.

The program will kick-off and cards will be available on Monday September 24th, 2018. Two cards will be released after the kick-off of the program. Announcements will be made on the Ridgefield Park Police Department’s Facebook Page with the times and dates for the release of these two cards. A check list card to assist with the collection of each card will be made available at police headquarters.

When all 39 cards are collected, the child may then stop at police headquarters to the communications desk with their completed card set. At that time the completed set will confirmed by an officer and it will be signed, dated and time stamped. The first child from each of the three elementary schools Grant, Roosevelt and Lincoln School will receive a prize. The winner from each school will be announced in school on December 21st, 2018.

The Ridgefield Park Police Department would like to thank The Ridgefield Park/Bogota Rotary Club and Vorkees-Ingwersen Funeral Home for their generous donations and continued support of Ridgefield Park Police Department programs in our community.

For further questions about the program, please contact Lt. Brian Hippe at 201-641-6400 Ext. 137