The Ridgefield Park Records Bureau is at the hub of the collection, distribution and filing of various types of paper work and records within the Police Department.  On a daily basis the records clerks are responsible for the filing of all the paperwork generated by the Ridgefield Park Police Department. The paperwork includes but is not limited to accident reports, incident reports, vehicle lockout forms, initial investigation reports, motor vehicle summons and arrest reports.

The records clerks are also responsible for creating case jackets, making computer entries, completing requests for copies of accident reports, incident report, discovery requests for attorneys and any request for records from local, county state and federal agencies. Their responsibilities include the ordering of supplies and the processing of accounts payable.

The Clerks interact with the public on a daily basis as they come to the record’s room window with requests for accident reports, incident reports, parking decals for resident and non-residents, letters of good conduct, records checks and temporary handicap placards.