Police Administration

The Ridgefield Park Police Administration is comprised of;

The Chief of Police

The general administration and control of the Police Department is vested in the Chief of Police, for the efficient and routine day-to-day operations of the Police Department and the civilian employees thereof. The Chief shall be responsible to the Commissioner in charge of the Police Department.

The Captain

The Captain of Police shall be second in command of the Police Department and shall be directly responsible to the Chief of Police for the efficiency and good order of the Patrol Division, Detective Bureau, Traffic Bureau, Records Bureau, Internal Affairs, and all other police and civilian personnel of the Police Department.

Senior Lieutenant

In the absence or disability of the Chief of Police and the Captain, the Senior Lieutenant shall perform the duties and exercise all the authority and functions of the Chief of Police and the Captain.


The Lieutenants oversee the following departments, Patrol Division, Records, Dispatch, and Accreditation.  The Lieutenants are also charged with a variety of other assignments that contribute to the running and good order of the Police Department.

Currently the Ridgefield Park Police Department has one Chief, one Captain, and three Lieutenants.