Lighting Detection Systems installed in 3 locations.

The Ridgefield Park DPW recently installed lightning detection systems in three locations in town.

  • Veteran’s Park (Field house on Preston St)
  • Village Pool
  • Little League Field

These lightning detection systems can detect lighting up to 20 miles away.  The alarm will activate when it detects lightning in the detection area.   When the system is activated it there will be a flashing strobe and an audible alarm that will sound.  The strobe light will continue to flash until the threat of lightning has passed and is safe.  There will be another blast of the audible alarm and the strobe light will turn off when the threat has passed.

There will be signs posted in the area of the detection system with instructions.

These units are under the authority of the Ridgefield Park Department of Public Works and all comments and questions should be addressed directly to that department.

If this system is activated, the Police Department should not be called unless there is an emergency related to the alarm such as an actual lightning strike.