Juvenile / Family Crisis Intervention Units

Juvenile / Family Crisis Intervention Units or JFCIU is a unit specifically designed to help adolescents and their families.  The JFCIU can do this by diverting family crisis situations from the court, and keep families together whenever possible.  The staff members of JFCIU are clinical professionals with advanced degrees.  Each staff member has experience in working with adolescents and families.  Crisis Intervention services are free to Bergen County residents and may include:  Short term family therapy, coordinating services for families in need, as well as making referrals to other agencies for additional services.  JFCIU services are available around the clock and be referrals can be made to the crisis hotline, 201.336.7360.

Referrals to JFCIU should be made if there is:  Serious threat to the well-being and physical safety of the juvenile, but where the situation is not appropriate for the Division of Youth and Family Services.  JFCIU can also be notified when a serious conflict between a parent/guardian and a juvenile regarding a behavioral issue, runaway or unauthorized absence from home for more than 24 hours as well as truancy and patterned absences from school.