Possible Attempted Luring

Ridgefield-Pk-PD-2014-19The Ridgefield Park Police Department is investigating a suspicious incident that occurred on Monday March 10, 2014.

On March 10th, at approximately 3:42pm, a 10 year old child was approached by two males in a vehicle while riding a bicycle near the intersection of Preston Street and Pershing Court.

One of the occupants of the vehicle called to the child and made a comment about coming over to the vehicle.  The vehicle then left the area.

The vehicle was described as a metallic blue SUV with silver/chrome rims, bearing a yellow New Jersey license plate with unknown characters.

The driver was described as a dark skin black male in his 20’s, with short curly hair, wearing a striped black/blue hooded sweatshirt.  The driver spoke with a southern accent.

The passenger was described as a black male in his 20’s, wearing a baseball cap.

Based upon the current known information, it is possible that this was the act of two young people who were acting immaturely.  However, until that can be confirmed, the police department will continue to investigate this as a very serious matter.

Parents are asked to speak to their children about talking to strangers, whether in a vehicle or on foot.  Residents with any information regarding this incident are asked to contact the Ridgefield Park Police Department at (201) 641-6400.

For additional information that parents can use to speak to their children about walking to and from school Click Here.