Road Closure

The Ridgefield Park Board of Commissioners has granted a request by Pasteles Y Algo Mas 63 Ridgefield Avenue to host  a 1 year anniversary celebration on Orchard Street. 

Therefore by order of the Board of Commissioners the Police Department will close Orchard Street to all vehicular traffic between the hours of 11am-4pm.  Please make arrangements to move any cars off of Orchard Street and out of driveways.  Between the hours of 11am-4pm there will be no vehicles permitted in or out of the closed area.


Lighting Detection Systems installed in 3 locations.

The Ridgefield Park DPW recently installed lightning detection systems in three locations in town.

  • Veteran’s Park (Field house on Preston St)
  • Village Pool
  • Little League Field

These lightning detection systems can detect lighting up to 20 miles away.  The alarm will activate when it detects lightning in the detection area.   When the system is activated it there will be a flashing strobe and an audible alarm that will sound.  The strobe light will continue to flash until the threat of lightning has passed and is safe.  There will be another blast of the audible alarm and the strobe light will turn off when the threat has passed.

There will be signs posted in the area of the detection system with instructions.

These units are under the authority of the Ridgefield Park Department of Public Works and all comments and questions should be addressed directly to that department.

If this system is activated, the Police Department should not be called unless there is an emergency related to the alarm such as an actual lightning strike.

Advisory: Excessive Heat, Severe T-Storms Possible

Excessive Heat today and tomorrow. Severe T-storm potential later, especially N NJ Click on your county for more info.

Lottery Fraud: If You Have To Pay, You Didn’t Win

 The following post is from the US Justice Department Consumer Protection Branch of the Civil Division.

The pitch is simple.  You receive a call from a foreign lottery announcing that you have won money, a car and other prizes.  The caller tells you that you entered a contest: a form you submitted in the mail, or on the Internet, or while shopping.  You have won, but you must pay taxes, insurance and other up-front fees in order to get your prize into the United States.  Despite several payments totaling thousands of dollars, you never receive the prizes promised to you.

According to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, Americans have lost $42 million to fraudulent foreign lotteries and sweepstakes.  The majority of victims are elderly.  In addition to losing their life savings, victims are duped into giving fraudsters their Social Security numbers and financial accounts.  Fraudsters convince victims to send money quickly, and they warn victims not to discuss their winnings with family, friends or professional advisors.

The Department of Justice Consumer Protection Branch is working with its investigative partners to prosecute lottery fraudsters.  This effort has identified common signs of lottery fraud that you can use to protect yourself and loved ones.

  • You should not have to pay fees or taxes in advance to receive lottery or sweepstakes winnings.  Beware of checks or wire transfers sent to you by the lottery.  The fraudsters will tell you to cash these payments and forward the money, but after you have sent this money, the payment you originally received will bounce.
  • Lottery fraudsters use technology to mask their telephone number.  Your caller-ID may identify a call as coming from the United States that is actually coming from a foreign country.
  • Lottery fraudsters impersonate officials from federal agencies in order to convince victims that the scam is legitimate.  The United States government does not participate in the distribution of prize money from lotteries and sweepstakes. 
  • You should never give your Social Security number, bank account number or any other personal identifying information to these callers.  Fraudsters promise to use this information to pay the “fees” for your prize, or they offer to pay off your debts.  In reality, they use this information to steal your identity and your money.
  • Lottery fraudsters are particularly successful with victims who live alone or suffer cognitive impairment.  Fraudsters befriend victims to create trust and to convince victims to hide the payments from family members.    

Additional information on this scam is provided by the U.S. Postal Inspection service at, and by the Federal Trade Commission at

Ridgefield Park / Little Ferry Junior Police Academy

The Little Ferry/ Ridgefield Park Youth Academy Graduates its 9th Class.

 The academy consisted of Thirty Five sixth, seventh, and eighth graders from both towns. The week began on Monday, June 25th and ended Friday, June 29th with a graduation ceremony atMemorialSchool in Little Ferry.  The students arrived at 07:30 and each day typically lasted till 3:30pm.

The week started off atRidgefieldParkHigh Schoolwith an orientation into “police academy life”.  The students were instructed on marching, punctuality, and the importance of paying close attention to detail. The students were informed by DSG. Rella that the focus of this years academy was on teamwork. Each day the students participated in physical training consisting of push ups, sit ups, running, and other exercises. The students received lessons in first aid and a DWI Presentation from the Hackensack University Medical Center Paramedics.

Tuesday and Wednesday consisted of a crime scene investigation course hosted by the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission. The students were taught the fundamentals of fingerprinting, hair and fiber analysis and chromatography. The second day they applied their skills by solving crime scenes.

Thursday the students visited The United States Customs and Border Patrol to learn about their operations atNewarkLibertyAirport. The day concluded with a demonstration by the Port Authority Police Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting units.

Friday the students culminated their team building activities with a half day of rock climbing at the Gravity Vault inUpperSaddleRiver. The students scaled 35 ft walls and participated in other team events.  Later that evening there was a graduation where speeches were made honoring the students. A graduation video was also presented to the students and their parents with highlights of the week.  Each student received a certificate of award for attending.

The Instructors were DSG Rella, Det. Cmielewski, Ptl. Tress, and Ptl. Rellinger from the Ridgefield Park Police Department and PO. Hinchcliffe, PO. Derwin, and PO. Egan from the Little Ferry Police Department.

The Ridgefield Park and Little Ferry Police Departments welcome students to join us again next year for the 10th annual Junior Police Academy

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